Friday, July 23, 2010

Another new adventure

After much prayer, thought and contemplation, Brent and I have decided to pursue domestic adoption as a means to grow our family! We couldn't be happier about this decision but pray that God will bless us with a family soon. We obviously have no idea how long this process will take or when we will be heading forward butwe trust that our child is in God's hands and when His timing is right, we will reap the blessings of it! As the process continues, the blog will become more active, documenting this joyous journey for friends and family, and ultimately our child/ren!!!!! Thanks for all your support and continued prayers through this process! We love you all!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


It has been over a month since the last post. The house continues to get better everyday. We fall more in love with it as we continue to get settled in. Our newest adventure was a trip to Jamaica. We were down for just 1 short week but our lives have been changed forever! Brent and I were at different schools but it couldn't have worked out better. Brent was on the sports team and I did individual counseling and helped lead a grief and loss group with Jen. I also ended up in the classrooms teaching lessons on health, and math as well! I was reminded of the love and joy that can be found, even in a state of loss. Brent and I are longing to get back, although we have no idea when that will happen! Of course, it is all in His ultimate timing but we do hope and pray we can make this trip happen more frequently. Brent and I gained a new appreciation of each other, our marriage, and for all the blessings we have! We created a really fun slideshow of a few of our favorites on I hope we will continue to share our stories for months to come and that this trip will continue to guide us and change us! God is sooooooooooo good!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Happy Couple

We couldn't be happier now that we have keys in hand!!!


Hip hip horrary! The day has finally arrived! After a very long LONG battle with our loan, we finally got to the end! We had to take the day off of work on Friday to drive up to Bellevue to sign with Escrow and then we drove our papers back down here to the county and played the waiting game until about 3pm when we got the call that we got our keys! We moved on Sat. and worked our hinies off (with the amazing help from my mom and sister) and are now ALL unpacked! We are beyond exhausted but we are unpacked, things have a home and life is working on getting back to normal! We did treat ourselves to a new couch, new love seat and a new bedroom set. They will be delivered on Wed. so right now we just just sit on stools in the living room and are sleeping in the guest bedroom. We are hoping to also purchase a dining room table but haven't found anything we are in love with yet! (we're using an old one now!) For all our out of town family and friends, you are the reason we created this blog! We hope that these final pictures will give you a better idea of where we will now call home! We hope you will be able to visit soon! Enjoy our "virtual" tour....
Here is my sister sitting on a stool in the living room, she is sitting where our love seat will go and you're looking into the kitchen nook....

Here is a shot from the kitchen nook into the lilving room. The kitchen chairs are our "couch"....

Here is our stove and mircowave....

The rest of our kitchen, we're also in hunt of some kind of breakfast bar stools...

Our kitchen nook.....

Our large and in charge pantry.....

The office room....

Our guest bedroom, for all you come and stay in when you visit, aside from the bedding, the rest of the room is golf....

The one room not yet put together...our Master bedroom. Still not so sure what to do with all the space, we'll think of something.....

My bathroom, that I have yet to figure out a theme for...I just wanted to throw a shower curtain on until I figure it out....

We'll that's the basics of our house! If you want to see the rest of it, you'll have to come visist! I think that the blog will be put on hold until the next "adventure" in our life! Hopefully we will be blessed by God yet again with a new member of the family! Stay tuned and please continue to pray! Thanks!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day who knows, but we're so stickin close!

Hey everyone! We are do to sign with escrow on the 29th and all our ducks are in a row but one... our certificate of occupancy won't get released until we do our final appraisal. Since our how is bascially done, minus a touch up here and installing a screen there, we are hoping to get our appraiser to do it one day early so we can stick to our plan! Please pray it happens so we can indeed sign with Escrow on the 29th. Our plan is still to get our keys on the 1st sometime betwee 2-5pm. Let me tell you how unproductive that day will be at work! Our plan is to get movers on Sat. Oct. 1st in the morning and then be all moved into our BRAND NEW HOUSE by dinner time!!!!!! We will hopefully be hosting our first Sun. night dinner (carry out of course) with my Aunt, parents, sister, and cousin!!! Long journey looking like it is coming to an end soon!!!! Please keep your prayers coming, just to help us get to the finish line-injury free, on time, and hopefuly without any more gray hair!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 40

The vanity in the upstairs bathroom
Our vanity in our Master bath

Our kitchen

Here's our stove/microwave area

Well day 40 was last week but that's when these pictures are from! Yesterday was day 45 and rumor has it our carpet is just about finished, we got mirrors, and shelves that that's what they were working on this past week! Not sure when we'll get out there as we're hanging out with my parents all day on Sun. but I will hopefully stop by there after work someday! We are still on for Setp 29th for our close date so I don't think I'll do too many more posts so we can all be surprised when everything is put together!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just finished Day 36

Last weekend we went and checked out the inside of the house. We brought with us my Aunt Ann, Hillary, Garret, mom, me and Zepper. It was really nice to share our "soon to be home" with family! Can't wait to move in
Here is Garret trying to figure out our wiring in our living room.

I think this is where the oven will go. The living room area is on the right of the little wall. Right behind the wall with the boxes on it is our 1/2 bath. The door to the left of the wall is our VERY large pantry and just down the little hallway is our garage

Our living room again. That's our front door (that's open) and our closet on the right.

Our staircase looking up at our laundry room

Our "we hope to be our nursery looks really dark but it really isn't....and of course there will be a light in the room as well

Part 1 of our Master

And Part 2 of the in contrast to the extra rooms, our bedroom is NOT lacking in light. I guess I won't get to sleep in as late as I'd like anymore

Our bathroom in our bedroom, again with another window. Just to the right of the bathroom wall is our closet with yet again more windows (3 to be exact!) Our closet is attached to the bathroom, which I think is pretty nifty since I always bring my clothes into the bathroom with me when I take a shower

Here's the outside back of the house. Everyone is standing on our little patio area-perfect for our plug in George Foreman grill!!! Zepper is trying to convience me that we need a man grill now that we hve a real house. We'll see about that!

Here's our house, all that's missing from this shot is our black front door, our black garage lights, and some landscaping!! It's coming along!!!! Stay tuned!!! We're hoping that in 1 month from today we can move in!!!!!